OBSL Travel FAQ's

Here are the answers to some questions about the OBSL Travel Program. Any other questions? Click here to e-mail our Director of Travel Soccer directly or review our travel policy which can be reached from our travel home page. 


  1. How long is the travel season? OBSL Travel teams play a 10 game schedule both in the fall and spring. Most games are played on Sunday’s. Some teams will also participate in winter and summer leagues to continue player developement, this is a team decision. Most teams play in at least one tournament a season and some of our teams train year round.
  2. What is the time commitment? Most Travel teams practice at least two times during the week. Practices are held at either Ticetown Fields or Geick Park.
  3. What are the requirements to become a travel coach? To be eligible to coach a travel team, a person must have an "F’ License or higher, or will have one prior to carding, as well as a fully completed Kid Safe form. The BOD selects the coach from the applied and each coach is selected for a one (1) year term following the tryouts.
  4. When are tryouts? Children who seek to participate in the Travel Program must participate in the scheduled tryout process.Tryouts are held in early Spring of each year to evaluate and rank all players within each particular age group by ability. Tryouts are held at Ticetown Fields. The tryouts are conducted by professional trainers acting as independent, objective observers. Check the OBSL website for tryout dates.
  5. Are players allowed to change teams during the season? Not after the carding process, however any player may play on a second team withing OBSL by dual carding.





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