Winter Indoor Rules

  1. Referees will wear official uniform with current badge.  Sweatpants are acceptable.
  2. Referees for the 6:00 PM games will arrive at 5:45 PM to set-up the goals.  Referees for the last game are responsible for taking down the goals with the assistance of the coaches.
  3. Referees will control the game from the parents sideline, limiting time on the court or near the walls.
  4. Referees for divisions U9 and older will control the games as needed for a full size gym.  Referees on small sided games will not allow parents to kick the ball back into play.  Referees for full sided games will call the ball out, if the ball hits the ceiling, the basketball backboard, above the flag is out.  Goal keepers may not kick the ball past the half way line.
  5. Referees are not to argue with coaches or parents.  All complaints should be directed to the appropriate league representative, specifying day, gym number, and details of the incident.
  6. All games consist of two 20-minute halves, with a one-minute break in between halves.  Referees will ensure that the games begin and end on time.  U5, U6, U7 and U8  6 v 6  ( 5 + 1 goalie).  U10 and above will play as roster allows. 
  7. Shin-guards are mandatory for all players; no player will be allowed to play without shinguards.  No jewelry may be worn.  Mouth-guards are recommended for children with braces.  Sneakers are the appropriate footwear.
  8. All teams will play with an equal number of players.
  9. Gym “A” is closest the parking lot; gym “B” is towards the interior of the school.
  10. No standings are kept.
  11. If schools are closed (or early dismissal) due to inclement weather, there are no soccer games that evening.


  1. Any ball out of bounds on the sideline is an indirect kick, which may be placed 1-2 steps in from the sideline.
  2. An indirect kick is awarded for all fouls.
  3. There are no penalty shots.
  4. For fouls in the goal area, the ball is spotted on the outer edge of the goal area for an indirect kick.
  5. For balls kicked on goal over the bleacher line: a goal kick is awarded for the defending team; a corner kick is awarded for the attacking team.
  6. As in official soccer, all indirect kicks must touch another player before entering the goal for the goal to count. If the ball does not touch another player, a goal kick is awarded.
  7. For any ball trapped against a wall or between the bleacher and wall, the referee will count (silently) to three and then blow the whistle. A drop ball will be played.
  8. No slide tackles are allowed. If a player performs a slide tackle, the player is warned, and an indirect kick is awarded.
  9. The referees will note the goal areas to the goalkeepers prior to the game. The goalkeepers will be warned that they must keep at least one foot in the goal area when touching the ball. If the goalkeeper touches the ball outside the goal area, a corner kick is awarded.
  10. Any goal kick by the goalkeeper after a save must either hit the wall, the floor, or another player before crossing the mid-court line. If it does not, the result is an indirect kick for the opposing team at the mid-court line. The goalie is not allowed to punt the ball at all.
  11. Teams U8 and younger play six players a side; one goalkeeper and five field players. Teams U9 and older play as rosters allow.
  12. There is no offside.
  13. Coaches for Divisions U5 and U6 are allowed on the court to direct the players.
  14. Substitutions are made “on the fly”. Coaches do not have to notify the referee to make substitutions.

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