Rec Soccer FAQs

Fall and Spring Recreational (Rec) Soccer FAQs:

What is recreational soccer?  Rec soccer is organized soccer with an emphasis on fun and skill development.  Rec soccer is also ideal for older players who are new to the game or those who can’t make the time or financial commitment required for competitive soccer.

Are there any other costs for rec soccer?  Parents take turns providing snacks and drinks for players.

What equipment does my child need?  All players must have shin-guards (worn under socks).  Soccer shoes are recommended (please, NO football or baseball cleats!).  A ball is also recommended.

When will my child’s team be practicing?  Practice times are decided on by the coach.  Practices are usually held during the week at local schools.  OBSL provides training sessions that are held once each week, 30 minutes before the scheduled game time. 

How are teams selected? / Can I request a particular coach?  Occasionally we can honor special requests an example would be carpooling.  OBSL’s goal is to make teams as equal in skill level as possible.  The children of one coach and one assistant coach can play together on the same team.  OBSL tries to keep same-age-group siblings together.

Can I switch my child to another team?  Once registered, a player has an obligation to remain with her/his team for the season.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Carl Von Stetten for questions regarding U3/4 to U11/12.

How much playing time will my child get?  OBSL rules require all rec players play at least one half of each game.

Where and when are the games?  U4-U12 games will be played at Ticetown Fields on Saturday’s. Certified referees are present at all games.




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