OBSL All Star Policy


Old Bridge Soccer League 

 Recreation All-Star Program Policy

Objective:  To allow the children of the Old Bridge Soccer League (OBSL) recreation program an opportunity to participate at a level of competition below travel but beyond recreational skills.

Scope:  When feasible, one all-star team will be formed for each of the U-7 through U-12 age groups.  The All-Star team will remain together for the entire season.  In the spring, the selection process will be repeated, i.e. a new All-Star team will be formed from the pool of players registered for the spring season.  It is anticipated that many of the All-Star players on the Fall team will be selected to participate on the team in the Spring.  Players selected to the All-Star team will be required to pay a fee to be determined by the BOD to cover the cost of the All-Star uniform.  Players selected for both the Fall and the Spring will only incur the uniform expense once. These All-Star teams will be eligible and will only participate in sanctioned tournaments, and receive league-sanctioned training during the season.  The OBSL will provide limited funding for both training and the entering of tournaments.  It is desired that these all-star teams increase the skills and desires of the players to such an extent that the players move into the OBSL travel soccer program.

Requirements: Any player who is to participate on an OBSL recreation All-Star team must be an OBSL recreation league registered participant for that season.  Players participating on any travel soccer program are not eligible. The All-Star coach will be required to obtain a copy of each player’s birth certificate and a notarized medical release form from each parent.  These documents are necessary in order to participate in recreational tournaments.

Selection Process:  Coaches are chosen at the discretion of the director of the divisional age group and will be approved by the OBSL Board of Directors.The selection of the coach will take into account experience, attitude, and historical involvement with the OBSL.  All coaches will have an active Kid Safe form completed and registered with the league.  Coaches should be chosen by the end of the second week of scheduled play. Player selection will determined through a try-out process under the direction of the OBSL trainers.

Finalization:  Upon roster finalization, the All-Star coach shall notify the director of the respective division, as well as the director of training, as to the full roster and coaches.  The director of the division will in turn notify all recreational coaches as to the final make-up of the All-Star team.  The director of the respective division shall resolve all discrepancies.  The recreational director will make the full OBSL board of directors aware of any modifications to this policy.

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