86 Ways to Say Very Good

86 Ways to Say “Very Good!”

Courtesy of the Michigan State Soccer Association             

  1. Good for you!                                                    44. That’s really nice
  2. Superb                                                               45. That’s the best ever
  3. You did that very well                                       46. That’s great!
  4. You’ve got it made                                           47. Way to go!
  5. Terrific                                                                48. That’s the way to di it!
  6. That’s not bad!                                                 49. That’s quite an improvement
  7. Couldn’t have done it better myself              50. Good thinking
  8. Marvelous                                                          51. You really are going to town
  9. You’re doing fine                                              52. Keep up the good work
  10. You’re really improving                                   53. That’s it!
  11. You’re on the right track now!                        54. That’s better
  12. Now you’ve got it figured out                         55. You haven’t missed a thing
  13. Outstanding!                                                    56. Fantastic!
  14. That’s coming along nicely                           57. You outdid yourself today
  15. I know you can do it                                        58. You’re doing a good job
  16. Good work                                                        59. That’s the right way to do it
  17. You figured that out fast                                 60. That’s better
  18. I think you’ve got it now                                  61. Right on!
  19. I’m proud of the way you worked today       62. Well, look at you go!
  20. Tremendous!                                                   63. That’s the best you’ve ever done!
  21. You certainly did well today                           64. That’s RIGHT!
  22. Perfect!                                                              65. You must have been practicing!
  23. Nice going                                                        66. Great!
  24. You’ve got your brain in gear today              67. Keep working on it…You’re getting better
  25. Now you’ve go the hang of it                         68. You remembered!
  26. WOW!                                                                 69. That kind of work makes me very happy.
  27. Wonderful!                                                         70. You’re really working hard today
  28. You’re getting better every day                      71. That’s what I call a fine job!
  29. You’re learning fast                                         72. I knew you could do it!
  30. You make it look easy                                     73. I’m very proud of you
  31. That’s a good boy/girl                                      74. One more time an you’ll have it
  32. That’s very much better                                   75. Fine!
  33. Super!                                                                 76. That’s good
  34. You did lot of work today                                  77. Good job
  35. Keep it up!                                                          78. You really make this fun
  36. You’ve got that down pat                                  79. Good remembering
  37. Congratulations                                                 80. Nothing can stop you now
  38. Exactly right!                                                        81. You are doing much better today
  39. Nice going                                                           82. Keep on trying
  40. Excellent!                                                              83. You are really learning a lot
  41. Sensational!                                                         84. You’ve jut about got it!
  42. You’re doing beautifully                                     85. I’ve never seen anyone do it better
  43. You’ve just mastered that!                                 86. You are very good at that.




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