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It is the intent of OBSL to assign all OBSL member referees as best as possible. Referees will be ranked and rated by the assessors based on their performance, experience level and age since the divisions are established by age. OBSL ranking will be based on the previous season and updated during the current season. New referees will be matched with a more experienced mentor referee for on the job training. A new referee will have a mentor until such time as the evaluation merits refereeing alone. Feedback on individual ratings is available at referee request. Training, observation, mentoring and corrective action will be on an ongoing basis. These ratings are used to establish the Divisions the referee is considered qualified for.

Due to the number of Referees currently registered and happily growing each season, frequency of assignment is not guaranteed.

Due to the need to schedule the games expeditiously, please be prepared to accept the assignment on the night contacted. Failure to acknowledge could result in a re-assignment of the games. All referees must have a current year Njrefs certification. A lost patch will be tolerated as long as ref shows proof of certification via USSF membership card and proof of request to replace. Out of uniform may result in a send home. No show’s will be taken out of rotation and or removed from registered list for the balance of the season. Unprofessional conduct at the fields will result in a suspension.


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